Welcome to The Young & Blue

Hello, and welcome to the GW College Democrats’ online publication, The Young & Blue!

This publication will serve as a forum for members of the GW College Democrats community to voice our opinions, share stories and give insight on current affairs. If you feel passionate about an issue or want to share a story, this publication is designed for you.

With this post, we wish to welcome you to the 2017-18 academic year, and introduce our organization to the community.

The GW College Democrats organization is committed to a progressive agenda. Through campaign trips, community service, panel discussions, protests and other media in 2017-18, we are not going to slow down in the Trump era. We —the largest organization on campus and chapter of College Dems in the nation— are here, at the frontline of all the chaos coming from 1600 Penn, to stop the administration from rolling back years of progress.

It’s apparent to our members that this administration and this session of congressional leadership are plagued by poor decisions and party over country politics. Whether it be stripping the healthcare of +20 million Americans, privatizing the Federal Aviation Administration, banning Muslims from entering our country or transgender service members from the military, building a wall, or any other of the unprecedented legislation, we are here to tell Mr. Trump that this is wrong. We are here to stop the nonsense from four blocks away.

The 2017-18 leadership team, comprised of our executive board and senior deputy board, represents many corners of the GW community, and country. With an average grade point average of 3.5, our team is spread across five schools and various majors, from biological anthropology and graphic design, to computer science and political science. Representing all four regions of the nation and 18 states, over one-third of our leadership team hails from a home district that went red in 2016.

The new leadership team is prioritizing inclusiveness at the forefront of what we do this year. We are ushering in the new academic year by lowering lifetime dues to $25, and for the first year ever, we are introducing a dues scholarship fund for any prospective members. Unanimously the executive board voted to welcome the new multicultural department. The department will strive to make our organization a place where everyone feels welcome and represented, and diversify civil discourse.  These improvements to the organization were made before the start of the academic year to make our organization more accessible.

In 2017-18, we are excited to continue our reputation for fantastic programming. Our political affairs department will be working to bring advocacy closer to students. Our community service department will be working to bring the D.C. community closer to our members. Our development department will be securing donations to ensure the work that needs to be done can be done. Our multicultural department will be partnering with the MSSC to make Dems and GW a welcoming place and make sure that all students know they are supported on campus and in Dems. The campaigns team will be working with races across the nation to elect Democrats to state legislatures and governors’ mansions. We will be hitting the ground running in September campaigning alongside NARAL Pro-Choice America to elect progressive candidates in Virginia's upcoming election. We have been working tirelessly to bring Democratic leaders to campus. From members of Congress to well-known activists and media commentators, our guests are eager to talk with our members and inspire the next generation of College Dems.

None of what we are doing can be done without our outstanding membership base. Our first general body meeting will be hosted at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 30th in the Marvin Grand Ballroom. This year, we will host a general body meeting monthly on the first week of every month in order to ensure our members’ voices are incorporated into the decision making of the organization. We are happy to continue our annual freshman walk to the monuments and kickoff BBQ. These events will be hosted on September 6th and September 10th, respectively. All members of the community are invited to these events.

This publication will also serve as a way for our leadership to communicate with our members and issue official statements. Additionally, the communications department is introducing the Trump Resistance Report — a colloquial, weekly post, here on the blog, that serves as a tool to poke fun at the antics of the administration while educating the community about the drastic legislation impacting millions of Americans.

We encourage you to follow closely along. Attend our events, participate in activism and stay up-to-date on our website, blog, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.


Jazmin Kay, President

Aly Belknap, Executive Vice President

Alexandra Dobre, Chief-of-Staff

Robert Dickson, Vice President of Communications

Emily Milakovic, Editor-in-Chief of The Young & Blue