Why I am Voting - Luke Briggs

My parents always promoted my personal growth and understanding of myself, and all they asked of me was to be a good person in this chaotic world. I take that to heart and believe that is the approach we must take in politics. Promote the individual’s freedom to be treated with respect and allow them to find happiness in their life. I am a Democrat because that is the core principle of the party—help all to let them be free and flourish.

I’m voting because I am afraid, but not deterred. I am afraid that all the progress we have accomplished to ensure the rights that make all Americans equal is under attack. I am voting because I believe our country must remain a place where all people are created equal. A country where we seek to protect and lift up the most vulnerable. A country where we actually care about each other. The centuries-long strides of progress for racial and ethnic minorities, the economically disadvantaged, the LGBT community, and more cannot be wiped away. We have come so far, and still have so much more to do, and I believe that the Democrats are up to the task. That is why I’m voting.”

Luke Briggs is a sophomore from Norwich, Connecticut studying Political Science and Sociology. He is the Events and Social Director for GW College Democrats. He is currently interning for Congressman Joe Courtney (CT-02), his hometown representative.