Why I am Voting - Dahvi Cohen

My connection to political activism is, and has always been, through social justice. I found a passion for standing up for values I believe in through the Jewish youth organization I was involved in during high school. When it came time to look for the right college, I knew I had to find a school that allowed me to continue to advocate for the issues I believe in. There’s no doubt in my mind that my Jewish values and community brought me to where I am today, incorporating my passion for social justice into my school work, extracurricular activities and everyday conversations. Being in D.C. has only grown my interest in politics and allowed me to explore the infinite options the city has to offer when it comes to being politically active.

I’m a Democrat because I grew up with values that the Democratic party reflects in their positions. I am proud to be a part of a political party that aims to represent the entire American population. Being a Democrat means fighting for issues even when they don’t impact you directly, and especially when they impact those without the privilege to make their voices heard. It is my privilege and responsibility to be active in our democracy by voting, as the outcome of the midterms in November will affect us for years to come.

Dahvi Cohen is a sophomore from Irvine, CA, double majoring in Political Science and Human Services & Social Justice. She is the Senior Deputy Director of FemDems for GW College Democrats. She currently interns in the external office of Senator Kamala Harris, supporting the senator as she uses her platform to mobilize voters for the upcoming midterm elections.