Why I am Voting - Jackson Williams

Throughout high school, I volunteered a great deal of my time to supporting causes such as ending human sex trafficking and promoting equal rights. It was through volunteering that I realized our government needed to help those who had been forgotten and I found that the Democratic party felt the same way. Even though I had identified as a Democrat prior to engaging in politics, I did not become politically active until after I became the only openly gay person at my high school. Because of this, I knew what it felt like to be singled out, especially being from a small and conservative community. This is why I knew it was time for me to dedicate myself to electing people who would lift up minorities, especially those in communities that do not have the resources to support them.

The most important issue for me has been education because I believe everyone has a right to a fair and equal education. Our society has made it too challenging for minorities to become competitive applicants for professional positions. As a nation, we should be setting every student up for success, not just those who can afford to be in the best educational institutions. Education is the driving force of change, and our country cannot grow when too many people have been blocked from receiving a meaningful education. I am voting because I want to see more educational opportunities for people who have been left behind and I am voting specifically for Democrats because I believe they are the people who will make those opportunities happen.

Jackson Williams is a sophomore from Meredith, New Hampshire, double majoring in Political Science and American Studies with a minor in Journalism. He is the VP of Political Affairs for GW College Democrats, the treasurer for THEY/THEM/THEIR, and the Parent/Alumni Chair for his fraternity Delta Sigma Phi. He is confident in today’s youth and believes that they will turn out to vote in 2018!