Why I am Voting - Patrick Litke

I had been interested in politics for some time before I truly became politically active. At the very least, I knew that whatever I did with my life, I wanted to help people along the way. I was something of a pessimist about politics until the 2016 primary season, when Senator Bernie Sanders began campaigning on issues that people had previously thought untouchable. At the same time, I also watched Donald Trump win the Republican primary, and debase every value I thought we still had as Americans. After the election, I knew that the system was broken, and that I had to do something to try and fix it. I knew that without titanic effort it would never fix itself, and people’s lives would never change for the better.

I’m a Democrat because they are the party on the side of truth and justice for all people. I am a Democrat because they are the party that acknowledges the threat of inequality to American lives and livelihoods, sees the threat that big money poses to our democracy, and will fight the threat climate change poses to humanity. I am a Democrat because I believe that government should secure the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and I’m voting in November because if I do not, I will be letting injustice win.

Patrick Litke is a freshman from New York, NY, studying Political Science with a minor in History. He is a member of the Policy and Strategy Committee for GW College Democrats. He is also a member of No Labels, a non-partisan debate group and Democracy Matters, a group dedicated to reforming the political system by removing the influence of wealth in the process. He believes that if enough people make their voices heard this election season, there can be real, positive change in America.