Why I am Voting - Sarah Gregory

I grew up in a house where CNN was always on in the living room. I would watch the reporters talk about the state of our country and hear my parents debate issues, so I naturally took an interest in politics. The topics that always struck me the most were those about inequality. Why aren’t some people allowed to be married? Why are some people swimming in money while others don’t know where their next meal is coming from? Even as a child I could see that, though I said it every morning in school, there was not liberty and justice for all. As I got older I realized that it didn’t have to be this way. Living in a democratic society means that the people get a voice, and when communities come together that voice can be thunderous.

I am a Democrat because our country is littered with institutionalized inequality, preventing many Americans from reaching their full potential. Whether it is the fact that some can’t afford proper health care or others are being failed by the education system, marginalized groups just aren’t being treated properly. I’m so proud to call myself a Democrat because the Democratic party devotes themselves to creating a government which works with and for the people of America. On November 6th, I’ll be voting to elect representatives to the government who recognize these issues and want to make an effort to fix them.  

Sarah Gregory is a freshman from Colonia, New Jersey, intending to major in Political Science with a minor in Philosophy. She is a member of the GW College Democrats Events Committee and is active in student theater at GW. She hopes to get a job or internship this summer which will allow her to help make a difference in our country.