Why I am Voting - Ritika Iyer

From the moment I said my first words, I was always a very talkative person --  but it wasn’t until I found my love for history and politics that I actually put my loquaciousness to good use. Up until 8th grade, I had this irrational dream of being a scientist (and I call it irrational because I was never good at science.) Then, I had my very first American History class in 8th grade, and that’s when I truly fell in love with history. I began to learn more about current political issues on my own and had lively discussions with my family at the dinner table. Finding my passion for contemporary issues provided me an avenue to put my extroverted personality into something productive.

I am a Democrat because my parents always taught me to treat others the way I wanted to be treated. I want to have autonomy over my own body and that is why I believe a woman has the  right to choose. Especially after Kavanaugh’s nomination, this is a very contentious issue that needs to be protected this midterm season. Moreover, I want to feel safe in school and so does every student in the nation, so I will vote for representatives who will push for common sense gun reform. Finally, as a first generation Indian American, I understand what it feels like to be a minority and I will continue to advocate for other marginalized groups and I hope to fight for them this November when I vote for the very first time!

Ritika Iyer is a freshman from Los Angeles, California. She is double majoring in International Affairs, with a concentration in International Politics, and Economics. She is part of the GW College Democrats Debate Committee and is generally excited about getting involved in GWCD. She sincerely believes that the young people will come out to vote this November and that the Blue Wave will take over Congress!