Why I am Voting - Sam Chuan

I am originally from North Jersey while both of my parents are immigrants from China. They came to America wanting a better life for their children and the future. I was raised by a hard-working single mother and learned to be independent and a feminist, even though we never spoke about politics growing up. American political culture was much different from my mother’s experiences in China. However, I found myself aligning with liberal ideologies, and I became a Democrat because of this. From the attention given to LGBTQ+ and women’s issues to their advocacy for universal health care, I believe the party represents the notion that everyone should have basic rights.

Thus, I became politically active out of fear that the country would go backwards. This fear got me motivated to go and make a change. As a Chinese-American and a child of immigrants, I felt that it was important to make a meaningful impact. I’m voting because everyone's voices should be heard on who gets to represents a county, a state or the country. These people represent citizens, and it should be the most qualified person that represents the people; one who wants the best for all members of the community.

Sam Chuan is a junior from Denville, NJ studying Criminal Justice with a minor in Biological Anthropology. He is the VP of Diversity and Inclusion for GW College Democrats. He is a former intern for the Fairfax County Democratic Committee and a former intern for Lindsey Davis Stover for Congress. He also volunteers with the Nashman Center in his free time. He is hopeful that there will be a progressive change that allows all Americans to have rights and happiness.