Why I am Voting - Ophir Cohen-Simayof

I had the chance to speak up in high school when a teacher was abusing his power. I almost did. I was afraid and decided not to report it. I may have left that teacher and class behind, and I may never have to think about either again, but I was not the only one affected by him. He still teaches today because of my inaction. I regret my decision.

I'm voting in this election because not voting means staying silent in the face of great injustice. It means inaction, and inaction as I have learned, is not only regrettable but deplorable. By voting in this election and every election to come, I get to be a part of something larger than myself, the chance to set history and affect generations to come — because it is never just about ourselves. I don't believe that it is ever enough to just attend demonstrations or support specific causes, whether it's education reform or Title IX policies. None of that support matters if we do not elect public servants that will not only listen to us but embody our ideals. I think that's a larger problem within our generation: we consistently fail to follow up with legislation and actual action. On Nov. 6, we get to correct those failures and vote — and I, for one, can't wait.  

Ophir Cohen-Simayof is a sophomore born and raised in San Francisco, CA, double majoring in Political Science and Religion. She is the VP of Development for GW College Democrats. She also serves as the Vice President of Ignite at GW, a club that encourages and cultivates political ambition in young women. She is also a finance intern at the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. Ophir's hobbies include dog walking and brunching.