Why I am Voting - Margo Kaplan

I’m a Democrat because I want to help people, just like my dad. Being with my family has always been my happy place. I am lucky enough to come from a family that is as loud as it is diverse, and from one that has always let me know that I’ll be accepted no matter what path I choose. To me, that is really what being a democrat actually means: respecting others, regardless of differences. Whether it is respecting a woman’s right to choose, a family’s right to be together, and a child’s right to feel safe in their classroom, I am truly proud to represent a party that values the people that actually make America great.

I also come from a family of very strong Democrats, who are even stronger advocates for others. My interest in politics definitely comes from my dad, who has inspired and empowered me to get educated and involved. He is someone I look up to so much for many reasons: but especially because of the way he is always looking to give a voice to those without one. From canvassing on the Clinton campaign together to phone banking, he has always encouraged me to use political activism as a means of ensuring a better future for our country. This support has turned into my passion, and led me to a fellowship on the Clinton campaign, a position as the Senior Deputy Director of Public Relations for GW College Democrats, and an aspiration for a degree in political communications. Fundamentally, I believe in the greater support system that comes from a party that truly advocates for all people and for a country that represents the principles of equality that it was founded upon.”

I am voting because I believe that turning the Senate blue is the first step in stopping the hatred that is tearing families and communities apart. I feel that when it comes to making big changes, voting is the most important thing to do. We cannot afford another two years of gridlock in Congress, so getting to the polls this November is absolutely crucial. I encourage everyone to do the same, and to vote in a government that will actually prioritize their constituents’ needs and put America first.

You can register to vote or request an absentee ballot at https://gwu.turbovote.org/.

Margo Kaplan is a sophomore from Lower Gwynedd, PA, studying Political Communication with a minor in sustainability. She is the Senior Deputy Director of Public Relations for GW College Democrats, worked as a fellow on Hillary for America, and this past summer interned at Merck in the IT department. A self-proclaimed advocate for the visual arts, she also volunteers at a non-profit called Life Pieces to Masterpieces.