Why I am Voting - Emilie Joe Brandt

Ever since I was little, my parents have instilled in me the importance of talking to others and learning from them without judgment. They would take me all around Atlanta and show me different parts of the city which helped me understand experiences different from mine. This perspective led me naturally into pursuits like advocacy, which I began pursuing in middle school through my school’s Beta Club by helping raise money for an LGBTQ+ Youth Center. Then, in high school, I learned about the history behind many of America’s injustices in my social studies classes. This was around the time when someone very close to me was imprisoned for a non-violent drug charge, which ignited my passion for the particular issue of prison reform.

I am a Democrat because I believe in equity. I love my country, and I feel that because of this love, it is my obligation to work tirelessly against American corruption, discrimination and inequality. For me, the Democratic Party represents those who are ignored by the American political system, and I want to ensure that those who need this representation in our government continue to receive it. Issues like women’s reproductive rights, decriminalization of marijuana and transgender rights/protection are particularly important to fight for within the current political climate. Part of the way I do this is by supporting candidates who agree with my values. I want more Democrats to be in office, representing me and those close to me. This is why I’m voting in November.

Emilie Joe Brandt is a freshman from Atlanta, GA. She is majoring in International Affairs and has experience working as an intern in the fields of law and politics. She is a member of the GW College Democrats Events Committee and March on Our Campus, a campus-wide gun legislation advocacy group. She is looking forward to voting in her first election this November.