Why I am Voting - Evelyn Arredondo Ramirez

I am from Bakersfield, a small conservative town in California. The town is agricultural and oil-based, where policies tend to still favor rich, white men and disregard the working sector. As a first-generation Chicana (American with Mexican descent) student, I am passionate about empowering Latinas across the country. And as both of my parents came from Mexico, I know the complexity of being transnational and the actual immigrant narrative. Being an American Studies major has allowed me to learn that elite white men dictate the history and the policies over my life and body. This needs to change. We need to empower our communities of color and provide well-funded resources for these communities.

I am a Democrat because I believe in racial equity and fighting for what is right. Education, wage equity, equal opportunities, prison reform, and the court system are of the utmost importance to the Democratic party, as they are to me. I am voting because the best way to show our outrage apart from protesting is voting. I am voting because not everyone has the privilege of knowing the voting system and how to get your vote out. I am voting because currently, my community makes up 17.8% of the US population but only have 8.4% of the representation in government. And I believe we, as a country, need to do better.

Evelyn Arredondo Ramirez is a sophomore from Bakersfield, CA, studying American Studies with a minor in Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation. She is the Graphics and Digital Director for GW College Democrats. She is the Communications Intern for People for the American Way, a Young People For Fellow, and a Cisneros Scholar. She wants the elections to bring not only a Blue Wave, but also a Woman Wave. She is hopeful that this year is the year women, especially women of color, speak out and let their voices be heard.