Black History Month: Black Representation in the 2018 Midterms

This Black History Month, I’m excited to spotlight black excellence at every turn. From Black Panther to black athletes killing the Olympics, it’s been a successful month. In the political world,  I think it’s important to spotlight the black political leaders across the country and what makes them great! 

First, we have Stacey Abrams who is running for Governor of Georgia. If she wins, she will be the first Black female governor in the United States. As an assemblywoman, voting organizer and small business owner, Abrams’ career has proven to be surrounded by public service. She understands how it feels to affect and be impacted by government policies. Her hallmark issues include education, criminal justice reform, economic mobility and governmental reform.

Second is Andrew Gillum, the Miami-born ex-Mayor of Tallahassee is running for Governor of Florida to take the seat from Republican Rick Scott. His college years were marked with public service, being elected to Tallahassee City Commission before he even graduated. As Mayor of Tallahassee, Gillum helped improve economic productivity via progressive policies like community policing and job training. Gillum’s main issues include advancing education, protecting healthcare and addressing the growing climate change. 

Third is Ben Jealous who is running for Governor of Maryland. Born and raised in Baltimore, he holds Maryland near and dear to his heart. Ben was raised in a tradition of civil rights from the NAACP Youth and College Division to his role as director at Amnesty International. During his tenure as the youngest President and CEO of the NAACP, Ben pushed NAACP to expand online activist membership and open programs on environmental justice and health. With an accomplished life as both a businessman and an activist, Ben wants to focus on jobs, criminal justice reform, and the environment. 

Lauren Underwood is running for #IL14 to unseat Republican Randy Hultgren in the 2018 elections. As a registered nurse and former Obama appointee, Underwood’s healthcare experience is crucial for the fight on healthcare. Lauren cares about securing families through education, improving our healthcare system, and making strong investments into jobs in #IL14. 

Finally, being featured in today’s Power to the Polls event is Waikinya Clanton. She is the head of black engagement for the Democratic National Committee and one of the leaders of NOBEL Women, an initiative to get black women to run for office. Her passion lies in helping black women get elected to positions of power.

If you want to hear her speak about black engagement at the polls, come to our Power at the Polls event today at 6:30 in the Marvin Center Amphitheater. 

Article by: Melody Magly