Caitlin Berg

Interviewed by Colin O'Brien | @baitlincerg | 08 January 2017 at 8:23PM

"I started this body image blog called You’re Doing Alright in the fall of junior year. Basically it’s a body positivity blog but it’s also ending stigmas and that kind of thing. I write about how mental illness affects me on different occasions like the college process and how that affected anxiety, or why I think trigger warnings are important. I had PTSD and trigger warnings can actually help people like me move past things.

I wanted to get my voice out because I really don't like hiding things in. And I hadn't told anyone when I was going through body image problems. I didn't tell it to a soul. And I didn't talk to my therapist about what would have given me PTSD until junior year. But I realized that when I talk about it I feel better about everything. Writing about issues makes them seem a lot more simple to me and a lot more clear and small, and that’s what inspired me to write this blog. If people can see me, just a college freshman confident about the fact that she's had an eating disorder and anxiety and been depressed, still going forward in life and doing the things I love, then maybe that can help people feel that they're not as alone."

Caitlin Berg is a freshman from New York, New York studying political science with a minor in history. After the inauguration she plans to continue to fight for women's rights as well as rights for all. She is banned from cat shows and Girl Scouts and has many problems with her stomach! She is the GW College Democrats Deputy Director of Women’s Issues.

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