Saara Navab

Interviewed by Colin O'Brien | 15 February 2017 at 3:47PM

“My dad came to the U.S. for school from Iran about 45 years ago so immigrant is such a weird word for me. He’s been a citizen since George H.W. Bush was president. He came here legally, by getting a student visa during the hostage crisis, but when he couldn’t pay his tuition on time his school reported him to deportation court. Luckily, the district attorney took mercy on him and convinced the judge that he wasn't deportable. My dad had to explain that his bank just could not give him his money because there was a revolution going on back home and that he could not go back. He’s still so lucky because so many of his other friends got deported from other schools in the U.S.

He wasn’t really welcomed when he came here, and it’s funny how forty years later it’s starting to feel like we’re experiencing the same thing. It’s like nothing’s really changed. And it really makes no sense to me because there’s been no terrorists from Iran. All it does is make everything more difficult for me and my family, and now I don’t feel safe leaving country. I know I should be fine, I was born in the US and my parents are both US citizens, but it’s still in the back of my head.

I don’t know what I can do at this point, other than protesting. It still can’t fully wrap my head and my emotions around it. I feel bad but I feel so lucky at the same time. I still love this country, I’m still so happy I was born here and I think it’s just sad because there are hundreds of thousands of kids and young people from these countries that were banned who are just like my dad and have the potential to create a life. My dad paid his way through undergrad and grad school and now he’s the president of his own business. There are so many kids who have that potential, and I wish that Trump and Trump supporters could see that we’re an asset to this country.”

Saara Navab is a freshman from Minneapolis, Minnesota, studying Political Science and English in Columbian and is “as Midwest as it gets."

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